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Winter Jewelry Trends 2023 – We’re In!

Golden rhodium necklace with single gold Murano bead

Winter jewelry trends for 2023 is good for Dreamy Venice! Winter style trends this year are calling for statement pieces and lots of color. We are so happy about being in line with the trend, but really, Dreamy Venice is all about individual expression. Some of us are just more adventurous and expressive in our look. For those folks, that fact should be celebrated permanently in our philosophy! We cater to all moods and all tastes – nonetheless, news from says :

“Jewelry can immediately take an outfit to the next level, and if the outfit is rather boring, nothing can elevate it like statement pieces. “This season, you’ll definitely see me rocking colorful enamel pieces,” Caroline Maguire, the fashion director of Shopbop, tells Harper’s Baazar. “

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Dreamy Venice has great choices of statement pieces – ours are curated from selected artisans from Venice, Italy. So rich colors and bold design are always in our mix. So if 2023 might be your year to experiment, take a look at our Murano glass Italian creations.

Gold set necklace, ring, bracelet in wrapped wire, statement set with gold Murano glass beads
Gold set necklace, ring, bracelet in wrapped wire, statement set with gold Murano glass beads

For the ultra statement looks this season, we are loving our Giorgio Rossetti Collection for statement pieces. Giorgio and his wife, Anna Caverzan are master glass creators and designers from Venice, Italy. Their metal work and glass work is extraordinary. If you are looking for a statement piece with Italian panache, you will love these options. We love being in step wit the winter trend. But we always try to be on point for individual expression.

white Murano glass sand effect large pendant and bracelet set
white Murano glass sand effect large pendant and bracelet set

Our variety, however is not, limited! Take a look at our great sale for more understated looks or gifts, if that is a preference. See our Holiday Sale still going on until January 15 with an extra 5% with code Newyear23. We have a wide array of styles and colors at great prices. Always free shipping! But we do love being in sync with winter jewelry trends 2023.

Always new additions for the upcoming season – join our mailing list to see what’s new products, promos and Italy travel news.

Murano cobalt-gold-necklace
Cobalt and gold necklace – see it on our website soon.
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Business and Italian Style

Our business and Italian style are synonymous even (or especially) as we work through the summer months. We’re always inspired by our fabulous products from fabulous designers. Our new gorgeous Italian styles by Giorgio Rossetti in Venice excite us so much, we are using one for our new monogram logo. We are looking ahead to the holidays with this fabulous line. We are the first (and only) business in the US to offer Giorgio’s work – very exciting! See his collection on our site. These Italian styles will spark your interest for superlative gifts for the lover of special looks.

Giorgio Rossetti jewelry creations on our new monogram
model wearing large Murano glass textured disc pendant and matching bracelet
Large Murano glass White Sands Necklace and Bracelet by Giorgio Rossetti

La Gondola Providence and Dreamy Venice Partnering

Our Italian style does not stop on our webpage or social media. We are so happy to announce that we will be part of making La Gondola Providence “A Classic Venetian Experience in the Heart of the Renaissance City” as La Gondola tagline reads. Again, see our Italian inspired business is honored to be associated with a great gondola tour on the Providence waterway. A memorable evening or afternoon for family, colleagues, friends and/or romance be a sure part of a fantastic summer. That’s a promise! You’ll even be serenaded.

La Gondola Providence on a Waterfire Night – John Simonetti

Scroll the La Gondola site to find Dreamy Venice, where you can order a special souvenir for the occasion. Delivered to you from Venice, to add to an authentic Venetian experience – fun, unique and glowing. La Gondola and Dreamy Venice. True Italian style here, at La Gondola Providence. Two great Italian inspired businesses, locally in Providence.

A Perfect Time to Search Our Site

blue and gold Murano glass long necklace
Long Murano glass gold and seed bead necklace with blue and gold details
Gold and pink beaded Murano glass long necklace with pink and gold large pink and gold bead
Long Murano glass gold seed bead necklace with pink details

Italian style – fun, lighthearted summer pieces just received and on sale. A great gift now or hold for the holidays.

Blue and silver Murano teardrop pendant on collar necklace
Blue sparkling teardrop pendant on collar necklace
Gold and cream colored Murano glass teardrop pendant on collar necklace
Gold and cream colored Murano glass teardrop pendant on collar necklace
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Links We Like (a lot)

print ad for Dreamy Venice Authentic Murano Jewelry

Our Mission Calls

Summer is nearing its inevitable end.  Slightly anesthetized by its heat and languid days, I wonder how off course I am from my summer goals.  Hmmmm. (Though my favorite goal would be to lie on a beach any afternoon of the week, that will not achieve my end.)  So, am I totally off course after a hot summer spell or somewhat closer to the mark?  We are working on the most critical element in growing currently –  it is connecting and it is the hardest!  This season we will be doing more connecting with supportive businesses in our community. As we get more and more of a sense of how we can offer our product in terms of fashion, art and services, we will be reaching out to more of our business and non-profit communities.  We have a magical product – very colorful, fun and sexy. We will  interface with as many new environments as we can to demonstrate the many dimensions of Dreamy Venice.  Our latest additions of new environments is Studio 460 Gallery and The Pink Parasol Boutique in Wickford, Rhode Island.  See their links below and pay them a visit.

Our Linkers

In that pursuit, we are happy to announce our new website page, Links We Like. promoting in our small way a number of  businesses which have been encouraging or collaborating with Dreamy Venice efforts in moving forward.  And if you do have a business and want to connect, we would love to hear from you. We are aiming to reach many different types of industries to expand our reach – BIG summer goal, so whatever your industry is, connecting digitally or face to face is totally invited. Use the contact form to reach us –  we invite your ideas, suggestions, questions, comments. Do you have an idea for a collaboration, a private sale, a sale for your charity, a speaker about the ancient Venetian glass industry, fashion jewelry in general or touring Venice for your group? Let us know!

Larisa DesignsPink Parasol BoutiqueGallery ZDiamonds in the LibraryStudio 460 GalleryProvidence MonthlyAlignable yulijik talamuir nuance

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If the Murano Niche Fits, Wear It

On a long journey to creating my brand, Dreamy Venice, I try not to lose sight of my original vision.  The vision was not solely based on the volume of sales, but based on the power of the very remarkable creation of Venetian Glass, the Murano niche.  Of course, we are working on growing great numbers because we are a business.  But how are our numbers different?  We believe in the 1000 year strong development of a particular industry.   An undeniably dramatic creative and historical past gives us a special product.   And for those who look at special properties, we are sure this one speaks to them.  You have lots of accessory choices out there, even those promising spiritual or healing  powers. We can promise the healing powers of a unique, detailed product, perfected over centuries; its special qualities shine through and are unmistakably healing in their own way.

As a study abroad student in Italy, many decades ago, I recall this color combination of gold and turquoise as a stunner. I saw Venetian Glass in person for the first time.  On a Venice excursion I was stopped in my tracks and inspired by the product’s boldness and balance of design and strength of color.  That was actually my reaction to the whole city of Venice. So let’s say this whole Murano glass business is embedded there. Let’s call it falling in love with every piece of the adventure.

Can I sell my love to you? Our commitment is to feature quality over quantity and uniqueness over uniformity.  We stay true to my original vision – to offer the great power of individual artistic beauty.  Quality is an investment over time.  Therefore, we commit our resources to developing our market and getting to know discerning needs of our customer, our niche! If you are reading this, you are not of the masses out there. You are a persnickety few (and that is a good thing).  You recognize the Murano chemistry, really not produced anywhere else.

We’d love your comments, questions and feedback! 



Dreamy Venice imported Venetian glass oversize ring