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If the Murano Niche Fits, Wear It

On a long journey to creating my brand, Dreamy Venice, I try not to lose sight of my original vision.  The vision was not solely based on the volume of sales, but based on the power of the very remarkable creation of Venetian Glass, the Murano niche.  Of course, we are working on growing great numbers because we are a business.  But how are our numbers different?  We believe in the 1000 year strong development of a particular industry.   An undeniably dramatic creative and historical past gives us a special product.   And for those who look at special properties, we are sure this one speaks to them.  You have lots of accessory choices out there, even those promising spiritual or healing  powers. We can promise the healing powers of a unique, detailed product, perfected over centuries; its special qualities shine through and are unmistakably healing in their own way.

As a study abroad student in Italy, many decades ago, I recall this color combination of gold and turquoise as a stunner. I saw Venetian Glass in person for the first time.  On a Venice excursion I was stopped in my tracks and inspired by the product’s boldness and balance of design and strength of color.  That was actually my reaction to the whole city of Venice. So let’s say this whole Murano glass business is embedded there. Let’s call it falling in love with every piece of the adventure.

Can I sell my love to you? Our commitment is to feature quality over quantity and uniqueness over uniformity.  We stay true to my original vision – to offer the great power of individual artistic beauty.  Quality is an investment over time.  Therefore, we commit our resources to developing our market and getting to know discerning needs of our customer, our niche! If you are reading this, you are not of the masses out there. You are a persnickety few (and that is a good thing).  You recognize the Murano chemistry, really not produced anywhere else.

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Dreamy Venice imported Venetian glass oversize ring











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