About Us and How We Came to Be

Linda Kamajian
Glass museum Murano, Venice Italy
Image by:  Deror avi –

In 2004, I created Dreamy Venice to offer a line of Venetian glass products and jewelry.

Our pieces are hand made on the Venetian island of Murano, in a thousand year old tradition.  Many of the studios and artisans we work with have been operating for hundreds of years.  And that certainly shows in the stunning shine, sparkle and intricate design. The expertise coming out of that is so evident. Feel and see the authentic Murano glass – there is no knock-off that comes close.


Murano Italy

My Journey in Love with the Glass 

During my first trip to Venice as a study abroad student in Italy, I was enchanted. The art, the architecture, the life on the canals, the history are all fascinating. On top of that, perpetuation of the glass industry was another layer of interest for me. Why, because I had never seen such lively, diversified, beautiful production. I had to share!

Becoming more and more interested in the product and in its history, I decided to venture on my own in the US market.  The glass studios and co

mpanies in Murano have survived 1000 years of drama, economic and political chaos, globalization and knock-off production over the centuries. There is, however, a certain mystique of the Venetian product whose legacy lives on in the inimitable Italian design spirit.

blue murano glass bracelet variety of bead types, ornate detail, lots of gold